Outtakes & Behind the Scenes

Outtakes and behind-the-scenes clips hand selected from the hundreds of hours of data that went into making Lights in the Old Fort.

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A Box or a Crate

While writing, we always had to strike a balance advancing the story through dialogue without just describing each object in the scene to each other. How many different things could a square shaped silhouette of a square be?

A Jolly Tune in His Heart

Anything can happen when we recorded live run-through sessions at Pettitshire...

Officer Brooks Breaks

Bryan's great laugh

Dathaniel the Stinker

Dathaniel is an undoubtedly bad influence in Jetty Bay

A Whatchamacallit

Dan reading as Nick broadly miscategorizing the Armory

Getting into Character

Pre-session character initialization routine

Brotherly Shorthand

We eventually knew the dialogue so well that we developed a short hand to speed read throughs.

I Think We Better Hightail It

Svengali-level manipulation

Alternate Ending

Opening lines from an eventual Ocie & Delia spinoff adventure


Patty is the most interesting woman in the world and yet has just one line in the program. Here Valeri gives a few options

Or I could do just Val

Val gives us an alternate read

Pitter Patter

Dan does a sound check

That about sums it up

Dr. Julian Amsler's credentials shorthand

Who's in the Van

We had originally written Dr. Amsler as an elderly Austrian man, but the role ended up being female. Some of the original lines didn't translate very well after the switch

Smuggling Mystery (Scooby Doo)

Apparently we weren't the only ones on the case...

Let's Tell the Tale Twice as Fast

Timing Anthonio and Dathaniel's gushing simultaneously for the first time. The second take was used in production

It's Rudimentary, my dear Dathaniel!

We tried to underscore important details frequently throughout the story to help ensure that listeners wouldn't get lost. We might have over done it a few times

Pettit Bros. Direct

Dan and I envisioned Nick and Linda Pettit as playing off each other along the lines of Nick and Nora Charles in The Thin Man. Alex Fleig capably takes direction before his scene

Scene Marker

We figured out some tricks to distinguish session takes. This helped jump to the correct location with in hours of data in the raw audio track

Wally Asset Library

Some extra Foley clips to pepper throughout the adventure

The Real Duke Knight

Brian has some notes about his character, Duke Knight

Which Page are we On?

An early draft of the script has an additional trip back up to the fort with several Jetty Bay police officers when we merged the new scenes over the old there were a few discrepancies to reconcile

What can I bring?

Alex contemplates bringing props