Lights in the Old Fort – Chapter 1

Written by on 25 February 2018

A Suspicious Note! The Pettit Bros., Anthonio and Dathaniel chance upon a seemingly abandon fort while hiking through the the woods. With dusk rapdily approaching the boys are unable to resist taking a peek inside. What they discover inside will lead them mystery, intrigue and adventure!

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Lights in the Old Fort – Chapter 2

Written by on 12 February 2018

Return to Fort Bowden! Wally and the Boys hike back up the bluff overlooking Jetty Bay to explore the abandoned fort in the daylight. Surely Wally won’t mind swinging into a spooky fort from a tree branch!

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Lights in the Old Fort – Chapter 6

Written by on 15 January 2018

One Last Thing! Say, there’s something fishily familiar about the finials on the boys’ new certificate. Whose typewriter could have typed up all these notes? Let’s join our boys at Town Hall to discover what they find.

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Lights in the Old Fort: A Symphonic Mystery Adventure!

Written by on 26 December 2017

[qtrelease id=””] Introducing Lights in the Old Fort a new Symphonic Mystery Adventures from the Pettit Bros. Brothercast and Pettitshire Studios.  Lights in the Old Fort is an all-new mystery adventure radio show which takes place in the New England summer of 1927. Join intrepid junior detectives Anthonio and Dathaniel as they uncover clues surrounding […]

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Written by on 5 July 2017

The long wait is nearly over! After two years of research, planning and development, we are pleased to announce that Season 3 of The Pettit Bros. Brothercast is within our grasp. “Lights in the Old Fort: A Symphonic Mystery Adventure” will be an episodic adventure Brothercast totalling over two hours of audio. Travel back to the […]

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Season Three Coming Soon!

Written by on 20 October 2015

The Pettit Bros. Supershow! – Southern Nights New brothersodes of the Pettit Bros. Brothercast are coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy this classic lullaby from the Pettit Bros. Supershow! featuring Anthonio and the Pettitshire Puppet Players.  

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