Pettitshire Studios Presents

Chapter 1 - A Suspicious Note

Lights in the Old Fort

Pettitshire Studios 2018-01-15

  • Chapter 1 - A Suspicious Note

  • Chapter 2 - Return to Fort Bowden

  • Chapter 3 - The New Day

  • Chapter 4 - Civic Duty

  • Chapter 5 - Kidnapped

  • Chapter 6 - Fishy Finials

Introducing Lights in the Old Fort a new Symphonic Mystery Adventures from the Pettit Bros. Brothercast and Pettitshire Studios. 

Lights in the Old Fort is an original mystery adventure radio show which takes place in the New England summer of 1927. Join intrepid junior detectives Anthonio and Dathaniel as they uncover clues surrounding a seemly abandoned fort, a mysterious diamond, election fraud, and the sudden appearance of  suspicious characters in the town of Jetty Bay.

Anthonio and Dathaniel are joined by a sprawling cast of 37 voice actors who volunteered to read lines and deeply enrich the story. However equally key to the show is the music from and inspired by the 1920s which perfectly punctuates every dramatic moment and suspenseful predicament.  The Symphonic Adventure experience provides the ultimate in immersive musical storytelling. (High-quality headphones highly recommended!)

Lights in the Old Fort is a full-length, 6-episode series with a complete run-time of 2:45:00.

Chapter 1 was released on January 15, 2018. Listen through this website, iTunes and Google Play Music.

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About the Pettit Bros. Brothercast

The Pettit Bros. Brothercast is an intentional collaborative project between real-life brothers Anthonio and Dan Pettit.

As kids we spent hours doing fun and collaborative things together and this was something that we really missed as adults. Dathaniel and I grew up listening to radio programs and stories our mother read aloud to us which absolutely laid the foundation for our projects.

In 2013 we began a season of conversational episodes which covered a wide variety of topics, and always ended with a listener-sourced “Science Corner” question answered by Dathaniel.

We wanted to do something special for our 10th episode, but having only been at it for a couple months there wasn’t much history to draw upon. If we had been at our 1000th episode, there would be a lot more story to tell, and so we set out imagining what 50 years of fraternal-themed episodes might have been like. The result was the highly produced Decasode which made us realize how fun scripted podcasting was to produce. Our second season found us in a variety of formats, drawing upon our alleged history of canonical programming including painfully realistic foray into 1970s variety shows and spooky trip adventure through our family’s haunted museum.

Two years ago we began brainstorming ideas for a new  season of original Brothercast content. We came up with dozens of genres and subjects to pastiche, and eventually settled upon 1920s-era mystery novels for young adults in the vein of Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys.

As we developed the story, we realized the universe would be much more rich if we had a whole town of characters with whom to interact, and we began to write more and more parts as the tale progressed. What started our as a simple next step evolved into a epic feature-length adventure, including the vocal talents of 37 voice actors.

Even more unexpected was the synergy of the script with the musical compositions of the 1920s. I began researching music from the era only to discover that the fidelity of recordings was not sufficient for what we were trying to achieve.  However, the music composed during this era appears to have been specifically written for the purpose of scoring this work with uncanny reliability. The result is a soundtrack so precisely tuned with the mood and actions of the story line that it’s sometimes difficult to believe that we didn’t write the script for the music, or vice-versa. And thus our first “Symphonic Mystery Adventure” was born.